Our Services

The RSN Embroidery Studio creates beautiful bespoke commissions for the future and brings historical textiles back to life by conserving or restoring them.

All work is carried out in the UK by our highly-trained team of skilled embroiderers based in our studios at Hampton Court Palace. The rigorous training that they have all undergone at the Royal School of Needlework not only ensures an exceptional level of personal skill but also allows multiple embroiderers to work on a piece while maintaining the appearance that it has been worked by a single pair of hands.

Our customers come from all over the world, from members of the Royal Family, places of worship and livery companies to leading fashion and interior design houses and private individuals. 

We take on embroidery projects of every type, from large-scale works for high-profile events to small, personal  projects for individuals and families. Every project receives the same level of dedicated, personal attention from our experienced team.